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We have deep experience working with all kinds of teams from big organizations using SAFe to start-ups looking to innovate faster.

How Agile Coaching Can Help

- Up-skill and improve all agile roles
- Align strategy to team delivery
- Grow communities of practice
- Evolve agile point of view and standards
- Expand agile culture across tech and business
- Scale agile in a practical and meaningful way
- Coach leaders in systems thinking + agile mindset

Specific Things I Do

- Increase efficiency with Scrum + Kanban
- Measure + improve teams' agile mindset behaviors
- Remove sources of lean waste in teams of teams
- Coach leaders on better ways to use OKRs
- Build a product culture and remove dependencies
- Tighten feedback loops to build better products
- Deliver custom training for all agile roles and leaders

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Fractional Agile Coaching

We have deep experience working with all kinds of teams from big organizations using SAFe to start-ups looking to innovate faster.

The World of Agile is Changing

Besides the thousands of layoffs in our agile world, budgets have changed and even the expectations of leaders and teams have changed. How do you survive without an Agile Coach? How do you survive without a Scrum Master? Or not enough leaders with agile skills? Too few Product Managers?

How Can You Improve Agility With Less?

You have to pick your battles. Where do you most need the help? Can you hire someone to help you develop one particular skill or capability? Maybe achieve a short term goal?

Where Do You Even Start?

Teams are expected to "be agile" but can they define the Agile Mindset? Are they measuring what behaviors they have and don't have to get there? With our coaching packages comes access to the Measure the Mindset assessment tool

Don't Be Distracted By Your Framework

Whether you are using Scrum, Kanban, or the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), the Agile Mindset remains crucial to your success. Building a foundation of skills that define the behaviors of "being agile" improves *every* framework.

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Measure the Mindset

What mindset behaviors lead to "being agile"?

Behaviors Are the Evidence of Embedded Principles

Our self-assessment tool focuses on 24 topics based on the principles of the modern ways of working and inspired by 7 different mindsets and cultures. It comes with deep links into the Practical Agilist Guidebook to aid continuous improvement in teams of any kind.


The Agile Manifesto
Modern Agile basics
Design Thinking
Extreme Programming
Lean Thinking
DevOps and
Systems Thinking

7 Mindsets and Cultures

An iterative mindset
A product culture
A customer-centric mindset
A culture of learning
A culture of experimentation
A culture of continuous improvement
A culture of psychological safety

Mindsets and Behaviors NOT Frameworks, Tools, or Scores

Our philosophy is that understanding and learning to incorporate the behaviors of these disciplines, mindsets, and cultures is what helps a team achieve the highest performing version of themselves, no matter what methodology or type of work they are doing.

Agile Mindset Assessment

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The Practical Agilist Guidebook

"Being Agile" means embracing the Agile Mindset regardless of your framework, process, or practices. The Guidebook explains the Agile Mindset and all of the principles from the modern ways of working your team could work to improve. This book is a reference guide on 24 key topics of being agile (mirroring the assessment) to give practical advice as if you had an agile coach to explain:


Team Culture
Agile Process Basics
Product Management
Value Delivery


Self-Sustaining Teams
Psychological Safety
Satisfaction + Happiness
Culture of Learning
Process Ownership
Visibility + Visualization
Iterative Mindset
Constraints + Metrics
Improvement + Experimentation


End-user Engagement
Product Vision
Strategic Alignment
Value Driven
Frequent Delivery
Quality Practices
Work Product Processes
Skill Sharing

An Agile Coach in a Box!

Included in each chapter is: Why each topic is important, what a team can start doing right away, how to focus improvements, tips for Scrum Masters, tips for Leadership, AI prompts to dig deeper, videos, blogs, articles, and other references to learn more

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